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Clasrüm, what is it?

Clasrüm is a training centre specialized in developing knowledge in the workplace.

We offer customized, comprehensive, flexible and interactive training courses that meet the needs of companies and the criteria of professional orders. 

Our mission is to improve the performance of individuals and organizations by supporting their motivation and having a positive impact on their daily lives. Our training courses help maintain and increase employees' skills, employability and performance in line with business requirements.

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Initially a college and university teacher, Geneviève developed and taught the "Practical Introduction to the Methodology of Humanities", "Global Economics" and "Microeconomic Analysis" courses. She delved into entrepreneurship in 2011 and founded four companies. Her passion for passing on her knowledge is as strong as ever, and she continues to give various courses in different fields. 

Geneviève is highly motivated to equip employees and entrepreneurs with good digital practices. She has already been a content expert in a number of courses (Microsoft Office 365 Teams, Excel, Word, Cybersecurity, among others).

Bold, creative and pragmatic, she confronts, attempts and dares to take risks, without strain, with agility and always with a sense of humour. Curious and quick-witted, she's a natural creator, driven by innovation and with an exponential learning curve. Her favourite subjects are the digital economy, machine learning, the Internet of Things and cybersecurity, network externalities and the implementation of new continuous improvement processes.



Methodical and precise, Carolline is renowned for her strong sense of ethics, her mastery of research tools and her ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines.

Her desire to pass on her knowledge has led her to develop various training courses and practical workshops aimed at optimizing the use of new technologies, increasing productivity and developing good digital habits. She was also a content expert in the design of a cybersecurity and IT risk prevention training course.

A pedagogue, humanist and empathetic, she is fascinated by soft skills content and is interested in the user experience when designing lesson plans. Her favourite subjects are Canadian politics, in particular digital and services policy, cybersecurity, cloud computing and their impact on society and the environment.

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