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We offer customized, comprehensive, flexible and interactive training courses that meet the needs of companies and the criteria of professional orders.

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Our risk prevention training offers small businesses the tools needed to handle hacking:  recognizing and taking action against cyberthreats become a priority for businesses!  

By acquiring knowledge on digital hygiene, employees will be able to contribute to their organization's first line of defence, and subsequently reduce the inherent risks of a cyber attack. 

We offer a flexible, interactive and recreational skills development process supported by a personalized learning method that meets your needs and the criteria of professional orders.

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Cyber pirates target vulnerable businesses and organizations of all sizes.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cybercrime has increased by 600% as a result of the pandemic. Human beings are in many ways another operating system - the HumanOS, making them an additional vulnerability for businesses.

Cyber attacks worldwide represent an economic loss of more than 3 billion dollars every year, a figure that is predicted to rise. Other hidden costs are added to the list: higher insurance premiums, the impact of business disruption, loss of confidence, legal fees, etc.

According to some research, 46% of hacking and cybersecurity incidents are caused by negligence or lack of training. 

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To help local businesses mitigate the risks of cyber-attacks, we developed a simple and effective training program to guide employees towards adopting better behaviours regarding security and digital ethics.

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