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Who is the training addressed to?

The training is addressed to humans, who have been identified as the weakest link in terms of cybersecurity. The Clasrüm course raises the level of digital literacy by focusing on prevention and the adoption of informed and secure behaviour.

Its aim is to enable Internet users to acquire and apply gooddigital hygiene practices, as inform them of the cyber threats as well as the tools needed to avoid them.

Digital hygiene,


Digital hygiene is being aware and adopting good habits to defend yourself against cyber threats. These behaviours also ensure the protection of our online identity!

Why bother?

Today, fraud and data theft are very present and, unfortunately, on the rise. Whether it's phishing, spear phishing or malware attacks, cyber attacks generate a number of costs, both direct and indirect.

Loss of customers

Remember that in the majority of cases, it's your customers' data that is compromised during cyber attacks. A mistake that's hard to forgive!

Loss of income

Worldwide, cyber attacks represent an economic loss of over 3 billion dollars every year, a figure that is expected to rise.

Damage to reputation

In addition to loss the trust of your customers, a cyber attack can stain your brand for future business opportunities.

Loss of productivity

In order to manage the damage caused by a cyber attack, your staff may have to deviate from their usual tasks for several weeks.

Penalty costs

From September 2024 in Quebec (and since 2016 in France), companies will be held responsible for protecting the personal data they hold, and will be severely punished in the event of a cyber attack.

Business interruption

A cyber attack often involve systems paralysis. Your operations will therefore have to come to a complete halt until the situation is resolved.

The course progression

Training is online and remote, at the learner's own pace.

It can be taken at any time and may be spread over multiple days. The course is optimized on the computer but can also be followed on a tablet or mobile phone.

The course lasts approximately 100 minutes. Successful completion of the final assessment ensures the obtention of a certificate representing proof recognized by cyber risk insurers, in accordance with the requirements of Bill 25 (in Quebec).

Protecting your online identity
  • Password management
  • Online shopping
  • Creating accounts and subscriptions

Maintaining your workstation
  • Cookies and cache
  • IP address and VPN
  • Reboot, updates and antivirus

Secure Internet access
  • WI-FI and public use
  • Understanding the cloud
  • Social engineering

Secure data exchange
  • Types of cyber attacks
  • E-mail attacks
  • Text message attacks

Acting ethically
  • Personal and professional ethics
  • Social media
  • Safety policies

Let’s make the digital space 

safe for all!

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